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Thanks for reserving our homestay ”A Ku Ya Na Art Homestay”,
—and live here as an old native.

If you need any modification about the reservation, please contact us by email or phone.We’re very excited to host you 🙂

Please be noted that our check-in time is 14:00 -18:00, and you can leave your luggages here anytime you want.

And here are some infos about transportation for you.

【How to get to Fenchihu from Chiayi】

  • Bus From Taiwan High Speed Rail “Chiayi Station”
    Depart at 11:00(ETA:2.5 hrs)
  • Bus From Taiwan Railway “Chiayi Station”
    Depart at : 06:55、09:25、11:55、14:55(ETA:2 hrs)
  • Train From Taiwan Railway “Chiayi Station”
    Depart at : 09:00、09:30(Sun.)、10:00(Sat., Sun.)(ETA:2.5 hrs)
  • Bus From Alishan National Park
    Depart at : 10:10、14:10(ETA:1 hrs)
    More infos here:Click Me

【How to get to Fenchihu By Drive】

  • Here is the public free parking lot:Click Me
  • If you have tons of luggage, and you can drive to our front door.But It’s very difficult to get there.Click Me

【How to get to homestay from Fenchihu】

enter image description here

【The way To Alishan】

  • To see the Sunrise At Alishan Park
    We’ll assist you arrange drivers who can take you up to Alishan national park, and you can take sunrise train to sunrise platform to enjoy the beauty of the nature.
    P.S. We can not guarantee that It’s will always available, because it’s depends on the num. of passengers.
    Fee: TWD 400 / per person
  • By Bus From Fenchihu
    Depart at 11:30、12:50(ETA: 1hr)
    P.S. The last bus from Alishan to Fenchihu is 14:10

Fenchihu、Alishan travel Guide

Old street:There are lots of souvenir and local foods for sale, you can grab some to try.

愛玉伯:It’s a store selling local favorite dessert which is nature.If you love to have some cold and sweet things to drink, you can’t miss it.

檜木甜甜圈:It’s one of the most try donuts in town, the local ingredients and sugar will redefine the boundary you see in donuts and you’ll never forget the beauty of it.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.
our phone num.:+886905417445


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